Our Values

       Fully 35 years ago ISBIR HOLDING, small savings and large public was converted to investment purposes. Interested in leading sectors Holding of companies Isbir, a total of 350,000 square meters of production facilities continues its activities.  isbir Holding

       isbir Sunger sponge, it was established since 1977, which is crucial to the use of superior technology, quality improvement and standardization through the work, obtained in the manufacture of flexible foam with a high market share has been active as an industry leader. World-class manufacturing Isbir Sponge, which is based in Ankara and Izmir, factories and operates eight regional offices across the country with over 3,000 in addition to providing customer service, extending the use of export their products abroad.  isbir sunger

       for the high efficiency. Ranchbed cow bed makes great contribution to animal welfare and health and therefore increased milk production. Ranchbed is produced of foam and rubber which are suitable for animal health, while keeping the animal comfortable with its high level of comfort, reduces the risk of infection for the animal owing to remaining clean and dry. Ranchbed, thanks to its soft structure, prevents  isbir ziraat